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Best decentralized messenger based on blockchain technology

Make your life private again with ySign!

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What is

ySign is a decentralized app based on Blockchain technology. We are giving our users the chance to communicate freely, securely and anonymously. Exchanging information has never been easier and more secure! Thanks to the Blockchain technology, a copy of your private messages and calls will only be saved on your own device. There is no central server, where private information could be stored. ySign ensures 100% security and privacy during the exchange of messages and calls.

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Anonymity Guaranteed

We don’t need your private information. The only thing you have to do is generate an “ID key” and create a password. ID keys are exclusively owned by the users. You alone are responsible for the safety of your key!

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Discover All Features

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Decentralized Chat

We want to connect people all around the world by providing a free and secure platform with 100% privacy.

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Secure Calling

Make and receive free calls by using the ySign app. Talk to your friends or colleagues while knowing that no data will be shared with third parties. Conversations are decentralized and cannot be stored in any way.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

Store all your cryptocurrencies on our integrated Wallet. View your current balance at any given time.

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Sending Cryptocurrency through Chat

Quickly send crypto to your friends with ease via chat. Choose which Cryptocurrency you want to send and enter the amount. No need to add the Wallet Address.

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What's Special

For Business and Pleasure

Work with peace of mind that your projects and ideas are safe from unwanted eyes. Communicate with team members, discuss sensitive topics or client information knowing that nobody can access your data.

Global Connectedness

We want to connect people all around the world by providing a free and secure platform with 100% privacy.

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Advanced Security

ySign is powered by Blockchain technology, which makes the communication between members decentralized and secure. There is no central server, where private information could be stored or misused.

Full Anonymity

No personal data such as email, name, and phone number required.

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How it works?

Powered by Inery Blockchain

ySign does not run on one server but instead harnesses the power of thousands of computers globally, called nodes, within the Inery Ecosystem. With the benefits of blockchain technology, ySign is resilient to data misuse and a single point of failure.

What is Inery?

Inery is an open source distributed database with a thriving community of master and light nodes that build the infrastructure of the entire blockchain. It aims to create a fast and more secure data storage platform without the need of an intermediary in the database management system.

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Make your life private again

Why Blockchain?

The decentralized Blockchain-based system is our way to secure and guarantee total privacy during the exchange of information. Encrypted Peer-to-Peer communication enables ySign users to freely and securely communicate with each other without any of their personal data being stored on a central server. This way communication between registered users stays only between themselves and their private data is stored only on their own devices. Since there is no centralized copy of any personal data, there is also no chance to misuse any information about our ySign members.

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White label Communications App

A decentralized platform for your mobile apps and websites with a fully managed chat infrastructure and integrated wallet for ERC20 cryptocurrencies to be stored. We want to offer innovative, secure and fast communication application which will help you engage, retain and grow customers on Android and iOS.

You can use this white label solution under your own brand to suit your specific needs and gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market. The decentralized system includes end-to-end-encrypted messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, wallet for cryptocurrencies, offering the clients a more value-added service.

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